Things to Know Before Pressure Washing Your Motorcycle

Washing motorcycle chain with high pressure jet, close-up.

If you ask anyone about motorcycle cleaning, they will probably assume it is an easy task. Mostly, people think cleaning a motorcycle is easy because it is a bit small and you can assess all the dirt with your eyes. While it seems easy from perception, washing a motorcycle can be a very fragile challenge. It is daunting because you want to wash off all the stains properly, but at the same time, you do not need your motorcycle to get damaged. With your hands, you can not precisely get all the stains, and when you use a pressure washer, you may spoil the motorcycle if you are not doing it right.

The pressure coming from a pressure washer releases enough force to clear all stains, but when the pressure is too much, it may mess with the device. However, using a pressure washer to wash your motorcycle is a faster, easier, and more efficient washing process. But before you use a pressure washer properly, you can follow these tips;

Understand the motorcycle

The motorcycle is the device you want to wash, and you need it in the best shape. Therefore, you first need to understand the dos and don’ts of the motorcycle. There are some motorcycles that specifically explain that you should not pressure wash. Although this is a rare situation, if you notice this on any motorcycle, you should not buy the motorcycle, or if you have already bought it, do not try to pressure wash it.

Know the different types of pressure washers

Pressure washers have a singular and similar function, regardless of their brand and design; cleaning. However, pressure washers are not usually the same. Many times than not, pressure washers are classified based on their power sources which are traditionally gas-powered or electric-powered. The pressure washers powered by electricity usually use less pressure and are the most suitable option to wash your motorcycle. Gas pressure washers, on the other hand, can clean the motorcycle, but you are risking increased pressure which can affect the lifespan of the motorcycle.

Get enough space

If you want to pressure wash a motorcycle and any other surface, you need enough space. The pressure coming from the pressure washer can be a lot, making you move backward. If you are working in a tight corner, the backward movement may get you injured. Likewise, if you are too close to the bike, the pressure may end up spoiling some components of the bike. Also, as much as possible, ensure the space you choose is a solid surface. For instance, if you try to wash a motorcycle in a place where there’s a lot of sand, you may destroy the motorcycle. With the pressure coming from the pressure washer, if it comes in contact with sand, it will mess up not only the sand but the motorcycle.


Washing your motorcycle with a pressure washer is your best option for a quick and efficient job. But if you don’t follow the tips recorded in this guide above, the fast and efficient job may lead you to fix the motorcycle.


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