4 Major Fashion Trends You Need To Jump On


If you are running a clothing line, you are bound to get to a point where the clothes you sell are not flying off the shelves. In such a scenario, you need to find trendy clothes that attract more buyers to your store.  Sites like https://wholesale.shewin.com/ have unique clothes you should check and see if you can add to your store. Here are the main fashion trends that you need to check out.

1. Open back fashion trends

Even though open backs have been around for a while, there was a time when people stopped wearing them. Currently, more high-end stores have started the trend, and it has peaked quite well. If you are looking for a trend that looks classy and has so many variations, this is something you need in your wardrobe. Many clients will also take to it because many media personalities are on the trend

2. Sheer fashion trends

The sheer fashion came and went, but it is slowly making a comeback. Many people can be seen spotting it on the streets from many stage performances. The good thing about this trend is, it is not in full-on clothes. If you want to stock up on the sheers in your store, ensure you stock them up with the perfect pairings as well. You can have strapped tops or even get shorts for the sheer dresses as the right styling options for the clothes.  Most people will take the clothes if they can style them.

3. Feathers

Whether we have missed the festivals and are longing for a bit of color or love their feel, features have made a debut in the fashion world. You can spot a couple of people wearing clothes with feathery trimmings on the streets, which shows you just how well this trend has picked up. You can have it on sleeves, hems, or waistlines.  Since this is faux leather, you do not have to worry about animal activists coming for you. Feather will revolutionize whatever outfit you choose to sell, and it is bound to attract more clients.

4. Textured fabrics

Textures are slowly being embraced in the fashion industry, whether created by eyelet indents or by ruffles on clothes. They add some depth and character to whatever outfit is being worn. Most people looking to add some depth to their wardrobe should try this. Adding textured clothes to your store will attract the right kind of attention from your clients. Ensure you have it in different forms to have options for those who need it. Textures can be very subtle, or you can make them bold to get the right kind of attention.


Owning a clothing line means you need to ensure that your clients’ needs are met. The easiest way to do this is to keep up with the trends. With the ideas above, you can rest easy knowing that you will always have something someone wants, and by extension, that means you will always be a go-to store for most people.


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