How Long Will a Pressure Washer Pump Last?


Pressure washers help you clean numerous objects. Therefore, it’s necessary to ensure their durability. A worthy purchase provides economy and robustness.

No doubt, different models have different timespans. However, the longevity of a pressure washer pump greatly depends on the degree of maintenance. Poorly maintained units may fall apart within the warranty period.

How Long Does a Pressure Washer Pump Last?

The durability of the model comes into question more dominantly when the price tag is high. Conventionally, the lifespan of electric gadgets is measured in terms of working hours. On average, pumps like Grandfall Pump provide the guarantee of 500 hours which is about 10 years.

However, cheaper pressure pumps last much shorter. The timespan of the pressure washer differs from company to company. But there are some common acting factors.

Factors Effecting the Timespan of a Pressure Washer

1. The Working Hours

The product’s specifications highlight the number of working hours the unit can withstand. For instance, if the manual says that the pressure washer pump has 50 hours. It means it’ll last up to two years.

Most models provide working hours of 60 to 100 hours. It is suitable if you plan to use the unit occasionally. In contrast, washers with more working hours have higher prices.

2. The Construction Material

After the working hours, the construction materials is the second effective factor. There are three kinds of pressure water pumps, the wobble plate, axial, and triplex pumps.

The category of the pump symbolizes its durability. A wobble plate pump is present in 2500 PSI washers. These pumps are inexpensive and provide nearly the same number of working hours as the heavier units. However, their PSI range is only fit for home use.

Next comes the axial pumps. These pumps are ideal for residential cleaning and provide versatile PSI levels. However, the power-consuming piston mechanism often heats up. Hence, leading to the wear of the pump.

Lastly, there are the triplex pumps. These pumps have the highest efficiency and provide a long working timespan. But the upfront price is much higher.

3. Maintaining the Washer

Maintenance is necessary for a longer lifespan of a washer. The following tips will help you achieve the needed permanency.

  • The durability of the pressure washer depends on its usage. For instance, using a domestic level pump for commercial cleaning leads to an overheated system.
  • Moreover, covered storage spaces, regular oil change, and suitable detergents add to the unit’s life.
  • Avoid leaving the washer in a humid and moist environment because induces corrosion and rust.
  • Never take the pressure washer too close to plants or structures. The exhaust has a high temperature and can easily damage things nearby.
  • Lubricate the O-rings of the hose connector. Frequent exposure to water dries out the rings. Hence, greasing them with silicon slows all kinds of wear.

The Bottom Line

The lifespan of an average pressure washer is about 10 years. But it greatly depends on the maintenance and the material used in the pump. However, some good-quality and well-kept pumps last longer than their warranties.

Contrastingly, an unmaintained or cheap pump fails before the warranty ends. Hence, preventing the wear of the pressure washer pump is an effort on the user’s end.


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